New Years Resolution

This blog itself is my New Years Resolution.

For those of you who already know me, you would know I finished my first novel late last year (it always feels a little odd saying that for the first few days of the New Year). It is still unpublished, I am working on getting an agent for the book, but I also decided I need to write on a far more regular basis to improve my overall skills.

Most ‘writing teachers’ would surely suggest I write a copious number of short stories, the only slight problem with that is I am terrible at short stories. I am great at stories (wow, just a little self confidence) it’s the ‘short’ at which I lack talent. My mind just latches onto a character or a theme and next thing I know I have a trilogy of books filled with characters I now love – even if I did create some of them just to brutally murder them later for the character development of the other characters I love.

Even that sentence… I can NOT keep things short.

So I decided I just needed to write on a nice regular basis. Most of the time this will read like an normal diary or blog, I’ll rave about how awesome so-and-so is or bitch and moan about how this or that isn’t fair, but sometimes I’ll throw in a snippet of a short story which I tried to keep short or a tantalising piece of a chapter of whatever I’m working on. I’ll also keep everyone updated on my arduous process of attempting to get published.

I have no delusions of grandeur that anyone aside from my family and friends will read this, this is mostly for me to have the chance to commit my thoughts into written word but not clutter up my house any further (both my husband and myself are chronic collectors).

I also have a feeling I will throw in quotes from whatever I’m reading at the time that moves me. Just yesterday I was reading Honey and Clover(a manga) and there was so much of it that was so poignant, entirely too much for me to write down here, suffice it to say I recommend you read it if you are at all partial to ‘coming of age’ style stories.

As one would expect mid-morning on New Years Day half our house is asleep still, so we are sitting on my enormous couch watching ‘the Emperors New Groove’ at a politely low volume (translate: barely loud enough to hear over my typing) while we wait for our other guests to rouse so we can have a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast.

Like a crazy person – or perhaps someone at least five years younger than I am – I stayed up all night chatting with one of my friends, our subject topics ranging from how the human condition is used by so many as a crutch-like excuse for infidelity to sexual content a little too explicit for me to want to post to the rather existentialist thought of “would I still be me if my brain had been replaced by a bio-chip/microchip programmed with all my common thought processes and memories, or would the chip still have different thoughts and make different decisions than the genetic original brain me?” Which was terribly fun since my simplistic response was: “Well the current me quite likes who I am now, flaws and all, so I really don’t care either way” – which is totally cheating, I am well aware, but this question was posed by the thought of two other stories which had this as a premise within, both of which contained people who became so distraught that they might not still have genetic pink goo in their heads making their decisions  so would cut open their skulls just to verify the truth of the matter and of course kill themselves in the process, or if they survived the process killed themselves because they did not like the result.

Interestingly however, I am surprisingly awake. I’m not feeling greatly energetic to be honest, but I am in no way craving the sleep I have deprived myself of the entire night, which makes me feel fabulous about ‘not being too old just yet’ because I can still pull the occasional all-nighter. I’m not really old, or at least I don’t perceive myself as ‘old’ just yet, but I have noticed over the last year my views changing to things like: “I don’t particularly like the music teenagers listen today” and other such ‘old people’ views as well as starting to get clucky as I hit my late twenties and a small part of me was taking a perverse pleasure in pointing out my aging to myself. But then I look up from the keyboard and realize I am watching the emperors New Groove and know my heart will never truly ‘grow up’ not while I can still quote half of a childrens movie whilst still typing down my thoughts.

And now, on the cheery thought of how I hope that at least one part of me never gets too old to enjoy cartoon movies, I wish you all a Happy New Years and good luck with your New Years resolutions!


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  1. Anita Marie Says:

    Good luck with your blog
    anita marie

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