Looking Forward to Falling In Love

I’m a little worried about they way everyone is behaving towards the new Doctor.

I’ll freely admit, I’m worried I won’t love this new Doctor as utterly as Tennant’s Doctor, but the way everyone is talking it seems most people have already decided they don’t like Matt Smith, which I can’t quite figure out, since he’s only been on screen as the Doctor for about a minute so far, so how have people already made up their minds about him?

I think it might be like the response of a petulant child when they have to face change. They loved the old toy and rather than actually trying the new one they instantly decide it couldn’t possibly be as good as its predecessor so don’t even give it a chance.

It upsets me a little to think that this poor guy has to face lower ratings simply because no one wants to even try and see if the new series will be good. For all we know Matt Smith might be truly amazing. In fact, I’m quite looking forward to him after watching him worry he might have regenerated into a girl because his hair is long.

I remember watching Eccleston regenerate into Tennant and wondering who this skinny, metro-looking guy was, but as I came to know him a little better I fell in love with him. I’m very much looking forward to falling in love with Smith’s Doctor too.

Wow, I hope my husband doesn’t read this blog and get worried ;p

Now, to move away from yesterdays entry a little. We saw Avatar tonight (FINALLY!). Up until now work schedules, tiredness and general lack of drive kept us from getting out to see it, and even tonight we went initially for the 5:15 session, but it was ridiculously packed, and we ended up with side seats way up the front – a terrible position – so we ended up walking back out before the trailers even started and decided instead of the packed 5:15 session we would try the 8:40 session, so swapped our tickets and were rewarded with the ideal middle of the middle seats (where we always sit) and had a fabulous view.

Of course we saw it in 3D, was there really any other way to see Avatar? I quite enjoyed it, but found it lacked enough power to make me cry at the appropriate moments. The storyline was rather standard – not meaning to be harsh here, just stating facts – but the main characters were enjoyable and the graphics, well do I really need to say how stunning they were? I was impressed with the phosphorescent night time jungle, the designs of the wildlife, both flora and fauna, of Pandora and was thoroughly impressed by the imaginations that spawned this vivid and believable world. More than a small part of me finds it is quite possible that this luscious planet is waiting out there somewhere in the universe to be discovered.

The greatest part was beyond doubt the Na’vi themselves. Something in their feline movements really captured my imagination and inspired me, but since it’s midnight and I have to open the shop tomorrow, I don’t really have the chance to pursue my inspiration at the moment so we will just have to persevere for the morning and hope my inspiration holds on till then.


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One Response to “Looking Forward to Falling In Love”

  1. Anita Marie Says:

    I enjoyed your views on Avatar, I wasn’t sure I’d get into movie like that and I’m thinking I might be able to after all.

    Also, I know we’ve commented on another blog about DW, but really I always felt like I was out of the loop when a new DR came aboard. But I would never give up on the show. Maybe I’d be a little less a fan of the actor in the role= but I always go back for more.

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