The Impossibility of Short Stories and Silverside

My last few blogs have been a little lack luster, particularly considering I started this blog to force myself to write every single day. In my defense (geez, I’m defending myself to myself, that’s a little convoluted) I did try writing several times yesterday, but it was a short story, not a blog, and every time, a few paragraphs in I’d get irritated with what I was writing. When I finally found a good pace, I came across my usual problem: I wanted to make it so much more than just a short story.

Seriously, I am incapable of writing short stories, it is as simple as that. I just start coming up with too many ideas and expanding on the characters and I just can’t keep it short.

I always have been someone prone to ranting or rambling on, so it shouldn’t really be such a surprise for me or anyone who knows me, but still, I keep trying and I keep failing.

I find I can write a short story if I stop at the end of chapter one sometimes, like with a short story I did on survivors of the vampire plague. I wrote the short story, but now I have a structured plan to expand it into a book (done chapters 2 and 3 as well).

My other downfall is too many ideas. I have far too many, and quite often, a few chapters into one, I’ll suddenly feel all inspired for another one and move to that one. Which is why it has taken more than a decade to actually complete a novel. Though it does give me the upside of having about thirteen books half finished.

For those wondering about my riveting six word entry yesterday, I now have an entire folder in the ‘My Pictures’ folder labeled ‘Lolcatz’. I’m really quite surprised I never visited that site before.

On a side note, while I’ve been cleaning the house today, and because I don’t like working in silence (I’m a slave to the white noise)  and I was feeling quite nostalgic I had Doctor Who playing, the Eccleston season, and it got me thinking.

Ecclestons Doctor is a Doctor prone to bouts of fury, understandable as he is the Doctor who caused the mass genocide of the Time War. Tennants Doctor was a Doctor constantly searching for the fun in every moment, but prone to bleak moments where his sadness shows through. It seems very much like he’s going through the diffrent stages of grief with each regeneration.

Random thought, I know. That’s me though.

As a final note, I’m about to cook dinner. Roast silverside. It has been so long since I cooked. Seriously, not since we moved into the new house I think, so at least six months. Crazy, I know. That’s just the way the chores seem to be divvied up at my house. Funnily though, I’m really looking forward to it, even if the cooking itself takes over an hour and the prep almost as long ;p


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