Last night I did it. I finally did it.

I bought plane tickets to Japan.

I know it doesn’t sound like a huge thing, but I have been trying to get my ass to Japan since I was eighteen, but every time something happened to my money. Several times an animal got sick (like a thousand dollars or more of vet bills sort of sick), I had to pay the excess of my car insurance, got distracted by Supanova (yes, self-fail!) and then suddenly I was just too busy with work to find the time.

But now I’m owed four weeks of holiday leave and have the money to afford it and even back up so if something does go wrong, I’m ready for it.

Finally, Japan! And the best part is I’ll be there in Tokyo on my birthday. I’m so excited. The Tokyo Anime Festival will be on the first weekend we are there also, so we’re going to go to that for a day also. Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo. I’m a little disappointed that we’ll be going outside of climbing season for Mt Fuji, so all we get to do is drive by and stay the night at a hot spring near by.

I want to visit the sand museum in Nima and see the hourglass that takes a whole year to empty. It would be quite a sight to see, but I don’t know if we’ll have the time. So much I want to do and only two weeks in which to do it. If anyone can think of something I absolutely have to do, let me know in case I’m not aware of it.

I’ve started playing ‘My Japanese Coach’ on DS  since my knowledge at the current moment is only basic. It just keep trying to teach me stuff I don’t really care about much, like colours, days of the week and the names of the months. I just want to know how to say “I’m lost, how do I get to…” or “Where’s the toilet” or “How do I get to platform…”. Ahh well, I suppose I should start with the basics I don’t know yet.

For those who care, today – Thursday – is Mokuyoubi.


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