Credit Card Fraud

I had a rather interesting day. A customer was asking me to let her commit credit card fraud. Yup, you read that right, she wanted me to let her use her husbands card (no husband present) and falsely write his signature. She didn’t even have ID to prove she shared his last name(ie/ prove she was his wife) and she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t accept that.

She kept showing me her wallet filled only with his cards saying “see it’s my husbands wallet” but all I could see was a mans wallet, no proof she was related in anyway to that man. She just didn’t quite grasp the concept of why I couldn’t let her forge the signature. I’m quite aware she might have been telling the truth, but the risk is just too high, considering she was buy around $300 worth of stuff.

Crazy people.

I’ve been re-reading some of my earlier work on one of my novels (Have I mentioned yet that I’m the kind of person who has way too many ideas and so ends up flitting from story to story like a butterfly) trying to catch up to where I left off last time so I can finish the story. So I’m gonna get back to it now.



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