Too Much Television

A nice lazy day off is always welcome. Sat around and watched Torchwood, and finally got around to watching the re-make of V. I think I might perhaps have an addiction to alien themes.

The funniest part is right now I’m watching the Sooty Show. Does anyone remember that show? It was my absolute favourite as a child. I’ve only been able to track down six episodes so far, but I’m determined to get as many as possible so my child(as yet unconceived) can grow up on this as well.

The episode I’m watching right now has Sweep suffering from a nose that honks whenever anyone touches it. Then they pulled his ear and it rang like a bike bell and I couldn’t stop laughing about the thought of how funny it would be if tinnitus was actually like that. If anyone remembers this show, is it just me or does the only human in the show – Matthew – look a little bit like Simon Pegg?

While I’m remembering kids shows, I used to love Astro Boy growing up, and while I don’t remember this incident myself, my parents love to tell me about how I had a cry on my third birthday because I didn’t get rocket boots like Astro’s.

I spent a few hours this morning working on learning so more Japanese. It’s rather amusing because every now and again I’ll come across a word I already knew, like ‘isu’ and ‘genki’ which I’ve picked up from over a decade of watching subtitled anime. It’s funny, I can often understand what is being said (or get the gist of  it at least) when I’m listening to Japanese, but when I have to speak it, I only know bits and pieces. Again, I blame excessive watching of subtitled anime, you get used to certain words and sentences being heard and reading what it is supposed to mean so your subconscious absorbs it, but because you aren’t making a conscious effort to learn the word, it is much harder to repeat it back. Or that’s my assumption.

The program I’m using to learn Japanese keeps trying to teach me to write Japanese in between word lessons, and while I do want to learn how to read, I would have much preferred to have learned to speak it a bit better before I had to try and remember all those hiragana. Ahh, well, shan’t complain.

Well, I better get to bed soon, we’re going to catch the ‘early bird special’ ferry across to Stradbroke island, but it leaves 5:30am. Yup, not the early bird special for nothing.


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