Stradbroke Island

4:30am is a terrible hour to have to get up at, but that’s what we did today. Yesterday was my lazy day off in front of the television, today was my active day.

So, woke up at 4:30 and had to roll straight out of bed to get changed straight from my pyjamas into my swimmers, wake up my husband and my nephew, kick their asses into the car and drive to Cleveland where the ferry was just about ready to take us over to Stradbroke island.

For those who’ve never been to, or perhaps even heard of, Stradbroke island it is an idyllic laid-back island just a little off the east coast of Australia, roughly in line with Brisbane (a little south if you must know). On the northside the beaches are (in my opinion) more beautiful than the Gold Coast beaches. The water is that perfectly clear, heavenly blue which lets you see right to the sandy bottom beneath your feet. You can even see the bottom from up on the cliff faces.

We hung around at my favourite bay today as well. It’s a small bay, I’m guessing it’s about thirty meters wide, last time the water was mostly just gentle swells rolling in, but the tide was more out this time so it was a little choppier. We tried the main north beach as well. Swam between the flags of course!

We took a few small walks as well. One of the walks took us along this small gorge. We walked off the path to go down the gorge and found a lovely secret pool with cool little ocean fishes and a big orange starfish. An old couple was snorkeling in it too, checking out the seaweed and the various other sights beneath the water.

Out of curiosity I even decided to climb up one of the cliff faces of the bay, just to see if I could make it to the top. Even though it wasn’t a really huge or dangerous one, I still got all excited, that awesome mixture of “S417, I’m high up, what if I fall?’ and “Wow, I’m almost there, I could actually do this” I was breathing hard when I made it to the top and it was not from exertion. When I made it all the way up to the top I had to take the nature walk back down because I was far to scared to climb back down!

Of course, since we rose so early and left the house so promptly and the ferry wouldn’t take EFTPOS payment, we never had a chance to have breakfast, so we ate it on the island. There was this lovely little café near north beach called ‘Fishes’ (I kid you not). We ordered breakfast there and they were NOT stingy with the portions, seriously, I had trouble finishing my Canadian Breakfast.

That’s another thing, the stereotype is Canadian’s are dumb, but how stupid can they be if they were clever enough to put pancakes and bacon on the same plate?

Of course, we’ve returned home now and upon sighting myself in the mirror I’m impressed with my lovely new tan. Thanks to re-applying my sunscreen like five times I’m not really burnt anywhere either! Of course now I’m left with epic tan lines, which for some reason my husband thinks are awesome. Weirdo.

With all the walking around we did, my board shorts started to chafe my leg, and by the time I finally took them off they had rubbed the inside of my left thigh raw. So I had to spend the rest of the day walking around with only my shirt and swimmers on. I’m glad we were on an island, anywhere else and it might have looked silly!

We wrapped up the day with a fish and chips dinner and now we’re watching ‘Gamer’ and after this I will most likely go to bed. I’m definately going to be sore tomorrow, but I’ll cheer myself up by finally taking home my copy of Bayonetta ;p


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