Lobster Red

I mentioned yesterday the abrasion on my inner thigh which was inflicted upon me by my board shorts on Stradbroke Island. Well wasn’t that a delightfully pleasant injury to have while I stand and walk about at work for nine hours! The way I have it bandaged up at the moment is amusing, a little non-stick pad held on with elastoplast tape. The most hilarious part is the location, because it’s on my inner thigh, it is quite near my femoral artery so it almost looks like I’ve bandaged up a bite wound from a sleazy vampire.

The other lovely part is discovering the one part of me I forgot to re-apply sunscreen to regularly, which is now lobster red and stings just a touch. I even took my aloe-vera lotion to work with me!

Speaking of burning, I have burning desire to write a battle scene, but none of the ideas I’m working on right now contain one, so I’m wondering if I might just slip a little forward in time in one of them and pre-prepare a battle scene. I know precisely where my desire is stemming from, my nephew started watching the Lord of the Rings movies and by the time I got home from work he was in the last hour (or so…) of the third movie, so all those lovely, brutal battle scenes filled with bravery and sacrifice are fueling my imagination.

Sometimes when you haven’t seen something for a while, you forget how much it moved you, until it gets the chance to move you once more. It’s always a pleasant surprise enjoy that roil of emotions again.

For those who are interested as well, I’m definately glad I refused that womans card the other day (refer to my blog titled: Credit Card Fraud) she asked me to hold onto the DSI and she would come back for it the next morning. Three days have gone by and she hasn’t picked it up, even though she was telling me how badly her child wanted it and had been pestering her for it incessantly.


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