I Am Not Responsible For Your Child

I heard an interesting news story today about a local man (by local I mean still within the confines of the same capital city as me) who has been charged for leaving his children unattended in a McDonalds playground while he went off shopping for over an hour. Of course this is an appalling display of parenting, but I felt like calling in and telling them to hang out at the chain of video game stores I work for and they could make a lot of revenue of the number of parents who do the same with us.

When I worked in the Carindale branch I swear we had one kid who must have had parents who worked in the centre, because every single day after school he would be at our store from 3:30 to close, for months, just playing on the demo consoles and walking around. I don’t think I saw his parents even once, and he NEVER bought anything. That’s only one of the more extreme examples, there are plenty more.

Considering the number of parents who have to drag their kids out of the store while the child kicks and screams demanding they want *insert whatever games is awesome right now here*, how are we to know when that stranger drags a kid out of the store that that person is not the childs parent or legal guardian? Every day I wait for the police to come in and discuss with me the circumstances of a kidnapping, and I just can’t wait for the parents to try and blame me or my staff for not watching their child and I finally get to ask the person why they don’t pay for our babysitting service they use so frequently.

I don’t really want any child to get hurt or taken, but it’s so annoying listening to some mum tell her kids she’ll be back in an hour for them and to just stay in here.

The law states that you are not supposed to leave any child under the age of twelve unattended, but I watch it happen every single day. It makes me determined to be a superior parent when it’s my turn to have a child. I mean, jeeze, I feel bad leaving my sixteen year old nephew at our house alone!

I’m so glad to hear about someone finally getting caught for this, I just hope they can do it some more so people will stop being so irresponsible.

Sorry for the morally outraged outburst, I’m done now. ;p


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2 Responses to “I Am Not Responsible For Your Child”

  1. lostbutf0und Says:

    Great piece and so true …

    I can’t understand why on earth people do that.

    In the shopping center where I work, they have a supervised playground for children under the age of 12 years old. You can only drop your kid off there for one hour, I think because some people have been taking advantage of it in the past and leave their kids there for hours.

    Yet you still see small children playing at the fountains, waiting for there parents to come and fetch them.

    • suki-joshi Says:

      It’s crazy isn’t it? You hear about all these perverts and weirdo’s but then so many people just don’t keep an eye on their kids.
      Of course I’m not saying that every time a child is abducted or abused by a stanger that it is the parents fault, I understand that kids can bolt towards exciting things in the instant their parents are looking the other way, but I do wonder how many times when some of those parents say “I only looked away for a second” they should have been telling the truth and said “Five minutes”, “Ten minutes” or “An hour”

      I do wonder though, your center offers free child care and yet children are still unsupervised at the fountain… Thats even more worrysome, at least most of the centers I have worked in didn’t offer that facility so that had an excuse (a poor excuse but an excuse none-the-less) for leaving their child in a store, and at least in a store there is a person behind the counter who could at least see something if your child is dragged off kicking and screaming, there is no such thing at the fountain.

      Opps, this reply has turned into another rant, sorry!

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