Been Away For A Bit

Well, haven’t the last three weeks been eventful! My store was broken into four times, I had my stocktake – funnily enough – on the same day as the most recent break-in, one of my good friends is moving away to another part of the state entirely, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law visited for two weeks and first my father, then my mother moved in with me.

Yes, you read that right, my parents moved in with me. Not I moved back into their house but rather they are temporarily living in mine. Please, don’t misunderstand the statement, I love my parents but you have to admit, it’s not really the natural order of things!

So if anyone out there has been curious as to why no posts since the 19th, there’s your answer.

This is of course not to say I wasn’t writing! Oh no, I just wasn’t posting any of it on here.

My sister-in-law does writing courses in Melbourne when she’s not off jetting around the world (she just returned from Europe for the second time before she visited and a few days after she left she flew off to South America), so she took a gander at my novels synopsis to help me tighten it up a bit, and I liked some of the points she made and questions she asked so much I actually jumped back into the novel itself to tighten up a few things.

One of my friends who I gave a soft-copy of the novel to back when I first ‘completed’ it (I put the completed in quotation marks because it wasn’t really perfect at that point in time, just finished, I’ve done two proof reads of it since then and am on my third sweep through now!) months ago has finally started reading it and apparently liked it so much it has inspired him to return to one of his own pieces.

Aside from the writing I’ve managed to find a few snatches of time to read also. I finished ‘House of Leaves’ (the book I’m stressing over in ‘Borrowed Books’ my last entry before this one), and then devoured ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ and ‘Dead Until Dark’ and have re-started reading ‘Skeleton Crew’, a Stephen King short story collection.

It’s quite funny, while I have read many of Kings books (who hasn’t, seriously?), I only seem to own his short story collections: ‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’, ‘Everything’s Eventual’, ‘Night Shift’, ‘Four Past Midnight’ and of course the just mentioned ‘Skeleton Crew’ where as the novels I’ve read have either moved on through second hand book stores in the pursuit of further reading or been borrowed from various libraries or friends.

Man, I’m about to go off on a tangent here but I remember the Lismore Library so fondly.

I was a kid, around twelve, and the Lismore library was just down the road from the shopping center that my parents gift shop was in, so when they were at work on the weekends I would often make my way down there. I used to walk through the tight packed, book stacked aisles searching for my next adventure. I would read books on animal husbandry, Greek mythology, Teen Power Inc (for I would be a teenager soon and I would then get to solve mysteries like those), detective novels and finally one day stumbled into the horror section and found myself ‘Carrie’.

*Sigh* Oh to be a kid again and be able to just walk around and waste entire days reading in the library and walking around pet stores wanting every animal I laid eyes upon. As an adult I don’t get to do that. There’s animals to care for, a house to clean, money to earn, a trip to Japan to plan, friends to catch up with, the book that needs to be truly completed. Not to say of course that twelve year old me would be unimpressed with my life. An entire room in my house contains nothing but bookcases packed full of books and comics, I manage a video games store, I own a ludicrous number of animals and have a husband who is just too fabulous for words. I think she would be impressed.

So to get back to the point, I’m busy, but I’m going to try my hardest to make the time to post more regularly again, because after all, this blog is here too keep me writing and there is very little in the world that I want to do more with my life!


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