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Moving :D

February 27, 2012

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Been Away For A Bit

February 13, 2010

Well, haven’t the last three weeks been eventful! My store was broken into four times, I had my stocktake – funnily enough – on the same day as the most recent break-in, one of my good friends is moving away to another part of the state entirely, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law visited for two weeks and first my father, then my mother moved in with me.

Yes, you read that right, my parents moved in with me. Not I moved back into their house but rather they are temporarily living in mine. Please, don’t misunderstand the statement, I love my parents but you have to admit, it’s not really the natural order of things!

So if anyone out there has been curious as to why no posts since the 19th, there’s your answer.

This is of course not to say I wasn’t writing! Oh no, I just wasn’t posting any of it on here.

My sister-in-law does writing courses in Melbourne when she’s not off jetting around the world (she just returned from Europe for the second time before she visited and a few days after she left she flew off to South America), so she took a gander at my novels synopsis to help me tighten it up a bit, and I liked some of the points she made and questions she asked so much I actually jumped back into the novel itself to tighten up a few things.

One of my friends who I gave a soft-copy of the novel to back when I first ‘completed’ it (I put the completed in quotation marks because it wasn’t really perfect at that point in time, just finished, I’ve done two proof reads of it since then and am on my third sweep through now!) months ago has finally started reading it and apparently liked it so much it has inspired him to return to one of his own pieces.

Aside from the writing I’ve managed to find a few snatches of time to read also. I finished ‘House of Leaves’ (the book I’m stressing over in ‘Borrowed Books’ my last entry before this one), and then devoured ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ and ‘Dead Until Dark’ and have re-started reading ‘Skeleton Crew’, a Stephen King short story collection.

It’s quite funny, while I have read many of Kings books (who hasn’t, seriously?), I only seem to own his short story collections: ‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’, ‘Everything’s Eventual’, ‘Night Shift’, ‘Four Past Midnight’ and of course the just mentioned ‘Skeleton Crew’ where as the novels I’ve read have either moved on through second hand book stores in the pursuit of further reading or been borrowed from various libraries or friends.

Man, I’m about to go off on a tangent here but I remember the Lismore Library so fondly.

I was a kid, around twelve, and the Lismore library was just down the road from the shopping center that my parents gift shop was in, so when they were at work on the weekends I would often make my way down there. I used to walk through the tight packed, book stacked aisles searching for my next adventure. I would read books on animal husbandry, Greek mythology, Teen Power Inc (for I would be a teenager soon and I would then get to solve mysteries like those), detective novels and finally one day stumbled into the horror section and found myself ‘Carrie’.

*Sigh* Oh to be a kid again and be able to just walk around and waste entire days reading in the library and walking around pet stores wanting every animal I laid eyes upon. As an adult I don’t get to do that. There’s animals to care for, a house to clean, money to earn, a trip to Japan to plan, friends to catch up with, the book that needs to be truly completed. Not to say of course that twelve year old me would be unimpressed with my life. An entire room in my house contains nothing but bookcases packed full of books and comics, I manage a video games store, I own a ludicrous number of animals and have a husband who is just too fabulous for words. I think she would be impressed.

So to get back to the point, I’m busy, but I’m going to try my hardest to make the time to post more regularly again, because after all, this blog is here too keep me writing and there is very little in the world that I want to do more with my life!

The Infected

January 18, 2010

I had a most curious dream last night. Now before I get into the dream itself, I should warn you I don’t think I dream in the commonplace way. Most of the time my dreams are forgotten long before I ever wake up, and quite often the few I remember play out more like a movie or story than the strange and nonsensical jumble of images that a lot of my friends tell me their dreams are more like. I’m sure I’m not the only one who dreams in this fashion, but I thought it best to mention this first up so no one questions why my dream is so oddly coherent.

In my dream, I was a young man who was a waiter (yes, in my dreams I am as often someone else completely as I am myself) who worked in a gourmet café and had a massive crush on a girl who walks by every day at the same time each morning. Now as the dream continued it turned out this girl was a patient at a lab who would one day become known as patient zero for a zombie virus. It had a name of course, but as with most dreams the name faded away.

The girl avoided human contact as much as she could because while she didn’t know what was happening to her she had an inkling that there was something wrong inside of her, but I was apparently a quite persuasive gentleman and convinced her to date me.

One day however she touched a few of the patrons of my café while she was waiting for me to be off shift and take her on one of our early-on dates, and thus the infection began.

Now before you switch off and get bored of my ‘zombie movie’ dream let me advance the story just a touch further, skip the typical running and screaming and continued spread of the virus and even the hilarious little joke on my ability to close the doors to my café (I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to shut those concertina folding glass doors which have the small bolt which fixes into the ground to lock the door in place, but if you are not certain where the hole is, or some charming individual has put something in there, it is not very easy at all) and we will proceed to the part where I watch my slightly depressed but terribly cute girlfriend turn herself.

As she stalks toward me with blatantly violent intent, I attempt to talk her out of that course of action, as you often see people do when I loved one turns mindlessly blood-thirsty, and somehow my words make her happy and she turns back to a normal human!

Now we have finally reached the part of my dream that I am writing all this to lead you up to. The zombies are not in a constant state of madness, instead their brains are slowed down a little and emotions heightened, so if you can keep an infected person happy and satisfied, they are a perfectly normal human being, but if you can’t keep them happy they turn into a raging, violent and most importantly mindless monster.

Now for anyone who has worked in a service industry – retail, hospitality ect. – you’ve already started chuckling about the parallel my subconscious created there, but for those of you who have not the difficulty of dealing with customers daily, let me spell it out for you so you too can be amused.

Customers are very much like this. If they get what they want they are happy, no problem, but as soon as you can not pander to their every whim or satisfy them utterly, they can become like a creature from a horror movie and all you can do is try your hardest to make them happy again, but even if you end up placating them, they will never return to fully human.

I am aware of how vicious this sounds, but let me talk once more to the people who do not work in the same industry as I, most people are easily satisfied, they just want their wii remote, they pay for it, they leave, happy days. The other rare few customers however will want you to discount everything when it has already been discounted as low as you can go without selling it to them for less than the cost price, but God forbid you tell them that, they will only fly into a rage and insist that their friend bought one from here only just before Christmas for that price, so why can you not do it, oh! and that same friend also got an extra game as well, a brand new release one, hurry up and throw that in for free for me or I’ll take my business elsewhere!

See what I mean? Not everyone is like that, but there are those special few who expect the impossible and become unreasonable when you do not bend over backwards spine snappingly far, they are few and far between, but they exist and their numbers seem to be ever increasing.

Let us return to the dream world now so you can see how my dream ended. The world was promptly made aware of the way the infected were, but since they could continue to live a normal life the government saw no need to round them up and keep them separated from the general populace, instead everyone just had to work extra hard to not piss them off, so I was serving up plates of pink ice-cream with sprinkles to a table made up of a family of infected, but when the father infected saw a big melted marshmallow on someone elses plate he wanted one, so we had to make one from scratch because we were out of them, and of course we had to make it fast so as not to trigger him. Naturally because I was so frequently in contact with the infected, I would one day become one myself.

The sad part is, in real life it is very near true, dealing with these highly self-centered individuals is draining even when you can keep them happy – as you must do in the service industries – and when they get mad all you can do is stand there and take their abuse, because you are stuck between the rock of what you are permitted to do, be it by a head office, a owner-operator or simply keeping yourself in business, and the hard place of the customers expectations. Nothing makes a person more mad than being verbally abused and being unable to retaliate, so your pent up anger builds inside yourself and slowly, you too become one of the infected.

Lolcatz FTW

January 5, 2010

Can’t blog now, just discovered lolcatz

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New Years Resolution

January 1, 2010

This blog itself is my New Years Resolution.

For those of you who already know me, you would know I finished my first novel late last year (it always feels a little odd saying that for the first few days of the New Year). It is still unpublished, I am working on getting an agent for the book, but I also decided I need to write on a far more regular basis to improve my overall skills.

Most ‘writing teachers’ would surely suggest I write a copious number of short stories, the only slight problem with that is I am terrible at short stories. I am great at stories (wow, just a little self confidence) it’s the ‘short’ at which I lack talent. My mind just latches onto a character or a theme and next thing I know I have a trilogy of books filled with characters I now love – even if I did create some of them just to brutally murder them later for the character development of the other characters I love.

Even that sentence… I can NOT keep things short.

So I decided I just needed to write on a nice regular basis. Most of the time this will read like an normal diary or blog, I’ll rave about how awesome so-and-so is or bitch and moan about how this or that isn’t fair, but sometimes I’ll throw in a snippet of a short story which I tried to keep short or a tantalising piece of a chapter of whatever I’m working on. I’ll also keep everyone updated on my arduous process of attempting to get published.

I have no delusions of grandeur that anyone aside from my family and friends will read this, this is mostly for me to have the chance to commit my thoughts into written word but not clutter up my house any further (both my husband and myself are chronic collectors).

I also have a feeling I will throw in quotes from whatever I’m reading at the time that moves me. Just yesterday I was reading Honey and Clover(a manga) and there was so much of it that was so poignant, entirely too much for me to write down here, suffice it to say I recommend you read it if you are at all partial to ‘coming of age’ style stories.

As one would expect mid-morning on New Years Day half our house is asleep still, so we are sitting on my enormous couch watching ‘the Emperors New Groove’ at a politely low volume (translate: barely loud enough to hear over my typing) while we wait for our other guests to rouse so we can have a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast.

Like a crazy person – or perhaps someone at least five years younger than I am – I stayed up all night chatting with one of my friends, our subject topics ranging from how the human condition is used by so many as a crutch-like excuse for infidelity to sexual content a little too explicit for me to want to post to the rather existentialist thought of “would I still be me if my brain had been replaced by a bio-chip/microchip programmed with all my common thought processes and memories, or would the chip still have different thoughts and make different decisions than the genetic original brain me?” Which was terribly fun since my simplistic response was: “Well the current me quite likes who I am now, flaws and all, so I really don’t care either way” – which is totally cheating, I am well aware, but this question was posed by the thought of two other stories which had this as a premise within, both of which contained people who became so distraught that they might not still have genetic pink goo in their heads making their decisions  so would cut open their skulls just to verify the truth of the matter and of course kill themselves in the process, or if they survived the process killed themselves because they did not like the result.

Interestingly however, I am surprisingly awake. I’m not feeling greatly energetic to be honest, but I am in no way craving the sleep I have deprived myself of the entire night, which makes me feel fabulous about ‘not being too old just yet’ because I can still pull the occasional all-nighter. I’m not really old, or at least I don’t perceive myself as ‘old’ just yet, but I have noticed over the last year my views changing to things like: “I don’t particularly like the music teenagers listen today” and other such ‘old people’ views as well as starting to get clucky as I hit my late twenties and a small part of me was taking a perverse pleasure in pointing out my aging to myself. But then I look up from the keyboard and realize I am watching the emperors New Groove and know my heart will never truly ‘grow up’ not while I can still quote half of a childrens movie whilst still typing down my thoughts.

And now, on the cheery thought of how I hope that at least one part of me never gets too old to enjoy cartoon movies, I wish you all a Happy New Years and good luck with your New Years resolutions!